How To: Scam your friend in a drinking race

Scam your friend in a drinking race

Bet your friend that you can drink two pints before he can drink two shots. You will win every time with this brilliant con.

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Dear Viewers, Although I am underage, that was quite amusing that the instructor found a loophole to the victim's own agreement. I am finding myself "favoritizing" many videos lately, it seems as if they are a lot of people making good videos lately, I am quite impressed for a change.
Alex1inferno- The Critic

Agreed, this is a good one... so long as you choose a light enough beer to slam. I don't think this would be do-able with a Guinness :D

Never hurts to try...

Oh, it can hurt.... it can hurt.

That's awesome, already thinking of scenarios to use this trick.

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