How To: Make a handkerchief mouse

Make a handkerchief mouse

First of all you need a handkerchief or a cloth napkin. Make sure that it is clean for use. Now start by folding the two opposite corners together. This shall make a triangle. Now you have top fold the two middle bits so that they overlap at the center. Now start rolling them together upwards. It is very important that you are rolling them very tightly. This shall make the body of the mouse solid otherwise it may fall apart. When you have made a solid roll then fold the two ends upwards as shown. Make sure that the ends are overlapping each other. Now take the remaining end and then fold it to insert into the folds so that a donut shape is formed. Also make this fold secured by tucking the end inside the folded rolls. Now you have to open the one side to turn it over the roll. Now you have to find the ends while rolling. The longer the ends are then it is a lot easier to make the mouse. . Now pull two ends apart and then make a little knot to make the ears. Now open the ears out. Check the back for the tail. That’s it.

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