How To: Fake Telepathy or ESP at the Bar with Scam School

Fake Telepathy or ESP at the Bar with Scam School

In a double-stuffed episode of Scam School, you'll learn how to fake ESP powers — a diabolical method to fake telepathy between you and a friend — and see a mind control trick from outer space with Scam School's first intergalactic student!

The Setup

To prove that you and your friend have ESP, any denomination bill is borrowed from any stranger. While the "psychic receiver" keeps their vision entirely away from the bill, they can "remotely view" the bill in the transmitter's hands and recite all nine digits of the borrowed bill.

The Work

This effect relies on a simple yet deceptive code. While confirming each correct digit, the "transmitter" uses the verbal code to tell the "receiver" what the next digit will be. To help you learn the code and understand what phrase goes with which digit, just think of the phrase yep, yeah, uh-huh. Each word will indicate a top, middle, or bottom section of numbers.

The Code

First, divide the code into three zones: yep, yeah, and uh-huh. Then, subdivide the three groups into nine individual numbers by adding a second word, indicating that the number is the top, middle, or bottom of its section.

Yep Group (1–3)

1 - yep
2 - yeah
3 - uh-huh

Yeah Group (4–6)

4 - yep
5 - yeah
6 - uh-huh

Uh-Huh Group (7–9)

7 - yep
8 - yeah
9 - uh-huh

Zero (0)

For zero, just pick any random affirmative, such as "that's right."

You'll also notice that we don't repeat some of the words since that would just sound weird. So, instead of saying "yep, yep" to indicate one, just say "yep." Because there's no secondary word, the receiver will know it's the same word in the subgroup.

Take about 20 mins to practice this code, and remember that the "transmitter" has the more challenging job; If the receiver takes a moment to figure out the next digit, it looks like they're just working their ESP magic.

Watch the video for the intergalactic mind control trick after the ESP money trick.

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