How To: Fake telepathy or ESP at the bar with Scam School

Fake telepathy or ESP at the bar with Scam School

You learn fake ESP powers and we show you the Mind Control trick from outer space!
And to reward you for sticking with us for almost a year now, we're giving you a double-stuft episode, featuring our first intergalactic scam school student AND a diabolical method to fake telepathy between you and a friend:

The Setup: To prove that you and your friend have ESP, any bill of any denomination is borrowed from any stranger. While the "psychic receiver" keeps his vision completely away from the bill, he's able to "remotely view" the bill in the transmitter's hands, and is able to recite all 9 digits of the borrowed bill.

The Work: this effect relies on a simple, yet deceptive code. While confirming each correct digit, the transmitter" uses the verbal code to tell the "Receiver" what the next digit will be.

To help you learn the code and understand what phrase goes with which digit, just think of the phrase "Yep, Yeah, Uh-huh." Each of these words will indicate a "top" "middle" or "Bottom" section of numbers.

Part One: diving the numbers into three "zones" of :yep, yeah, and uh-huh":

Part Two: subdivide the 3 groups into 9 individual numbers by adding a SECOND word, indicating that the number is the top, middle, or bottom of its section:


9. - uh-huh
8. - uh-huh, yeah
7. - uh-huh, yep

6. - yeah, uh-huh
5. - yeah
4. - yeah, yep

3. - yep, uh-huh
2. - yep, yeah
1. - yep

Finally, for zero, just pick any random affirmative. ("that's right" for example). You'll also notice that we don't repeat some of the words ("yep, yep" for example) since that would just sound weird.

Take about 20 mins to practice this code, and remember that it's actually the "transmitter" who has the harder job: If the receiver takes a moment to figure out the next digit, it comes across as looking like he's just "working his ESP", but if the transmitter shows any delays or mixups, your friends at t

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