How To: Do the whiskey versus water bar trick to win bets

Do the whiskey versus water bar trick to win bets

If you are looking for a cool new way to hustle free drinks at the bar or cash from your friends, check out this tutorial. In this video, you will learn an incredibly interesting trick using just whiskey, water, two shot glasses and a card or driver's license. Bet a friend that you can make make water and whiskey switch shot glasses without pouring or dumping either glass.

This trick is based on science and is sure to totally shock and amaze everyone who sees it - and get you lots of free drinks!

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does it have to be whiskey or can it be beer or tequila?



no, i would think the drink would have to be something resembling water. some light beers are very, well, light, and can be close to clear at times. other than that, whiskey and vodka work well.


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