News: Impress a girl - light her cigarette with your hand

Impress a girl - light her cigarette with your hand

Wait...with only your hand?

It's simple. Take a normal Bic-style lighter. Hold down the button to release butane gas into your cupped hand. Then light it.

You'll have the flame captured in your hand!

Now, go find a cute girl with a cigarette. Magic!

Impress a girl by lighting her cigarette in a new way

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how long can you leave the flame in your hand for?


not long at all, this vids a fraud.

and thats in no way new.

Actually methane can be trapped in small spaces for several seconds, this is what they are lighting is the trapped gas.

if you lit your hand on fire to light a woman's cigarette she'd probably think you were desperate.

Or you had a deathwish, which she might find sexy.

If i was still 12 this would be cool, oh wait, it's illegal for minors to possess lighters. Any girl impressed by this 15 second cigarette lighting travesty has down syndrome, a lighter should only take 1 second to light, the rest of this is just crap.

it's illegal for minors to possess lighters where?

Anywhere in the U.S.A., moron. Go look it up before you expose your ignorance.

Moron? I'm 22 years old. You just exposed your ignorance nitwit, you don't know everything, so do not assume ahead of time. Idiot.

That's exactly why I live in Canada.
I can also posses large amounts of explosives!
And I'm 13!

How does that expose my ignorance, I never said you were 12 did I? Learn to read Jack-ass. So how does you being 22 make it legal for minors to possess lighters, moron? Also I never said that I know everything, but I damn sure know more than a 22 year old with down syndrome.

Its not illegal retard,
A lot of stores consider it a tobacco product so they wont sell it to minors but in no way is it illegal

A minor in possession of a blue lighter was in possession of tobacco paraphernalia. (In re ALEX R., 5th Dist., September 6, 2007, F051342.) A minor in possession of a cigarette lighter was in violation of Pen. Code, § 308, subd. (b). (In re EDUARDO G., 5th Dist., September 15, 2006, F049655.)

I have more legal precedents if you would like them too.

#$%@ that I'm still getting a Zippo

I baught my first lighter when I was 10 and they didn't card me! ^_^ (And I'm in the US)

what i find amusing is just how implausibly quick that social situation took place (all in order to save the dude's hand from burning, of course). She went down on that hand faster than a badly choreographed BJ.

I'd still hit that chick in the vid

look at all these foolish men waving their lighters like this chick is some sacred princess

stupid french twits! impressed by that most stupids things. If someone did that to me I would thing they were a pyro-maniac!!!

you guy are like so #$%@ing stupid your talking about a stupid video you morons

lol ur the stupid one ur critizing people talking about a video... and getting pissed off about it...


i try before this trick don be afraid your hand will not burn

this trick is not impressive and only works with cheap whores trust me i know

If the girl was sober, she'd slap you. If she wasn't...well it depends on what she's on.

stupid bitch it #$%@in' burned my hand

wel the trick works just tried it :D

thats gay i've been doing that for years OLD...get me something new

that would be impressive if i was 12... WAIT i am 12... seems like it can't even impress kids hehe useless piece if junk

I thing I know a better way let me do the video and I show you!

hahaha the guy was like "firstly, you need a tourch. firstly you fill the gas into your hand."
which one do i do first?????

wow so crapy and "tommyhzy" 13 is a good age and canada is a good place ;)i should no hehe :P

you folks would be suprised
what impresses a woman.
as long as it works
i can dig it.

yo, i just banged five chicks last night cuz of that trick. Respek homie.

zippo fuel burns longer in your hand

i used to do that wen i was 10

lol just go to
its a much cooler way


New?...I tried this back in '62.

i'm not impress

dude your all bitching about a #$%@ing trick get over yourselves but i suppose that's what the internet is for.

this suck if u wanna impress a girl just light a cigarate normaly

Your So weak

oh shiet. it works. hahaha.

get a crack lighter and light her cigarette from 6 inches away, that would impress me

This is a very very old trick in Italy, or almost in my region, but I never thing to use it for light a cigarette, only to make a joke with friends. I'm 22 and I don't try it for about five years XD

sorry for my english, maybe there are some errors
Sorry for

that #$%@ burns>.>
on a non-windy day i could so pull of a 1 inch hadouken though.

lol yeah it would work but is burning your hand really worth impressing a girl? You'd have to do it fast if you don't want it to actually be painful. So you'd be yelling at her to hurry up lol which wouldnt impress her much with that attitude.

impress her more, tell her to light her own ciggerette

It doesn't burn, I've tried so many times..

stuoid! i dnt tink u can do dat in a bar! mybe when ur drunk! burn ur hand!

My friends and I were doing this back in grade school. Try your mouth instead of your hand. Actually don't try it, it can hurt if done wrong

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