How To: 5 Surefire Tricks to Getting a Free Drink at the Bar

5 Surefire Tricks to Getting a Free Drink at the Bar

When you finally turn the privileged age of 21 in the U.S. (or 18 in most other countries), the first thing you'll probably do is sprint to the nearest pub, order a drink, and revel in your new freedom. Congratulations, you've survived two decades on Earth, you've earned that drink.

But as you grow older, once you've seen one bar, you've seen them all, and you probably visit the same one for happy hour with all the other regulars. And while the bar scene may have lost some of its appeal, this is where bar tricks come into play, providing further entertainment and the chance to win a few bucks or even earn a free drink.

So for anyone looking to wow their fellow bar attendees, here are five of my favorite bar tricks that should at least warrant a free drink or two.

#1. Drinkcuffs

If you're the asshole of the group, or just want to be a dick, then you definitely want to check out how to apply drinkcuffs to your buddy at the bar to keep him from moving his hands or leaving his seat. It's a simple trick that'll entertain everyone, excluding the drinkcuffed individual. Take a look at the video below from Rootberry to see how it works.

Check out this alternate method from Tony Logan if you only want to use one drink but still reap in the laughs:

#2. Dollar Bill Bridge

In this trick, demonstrated by Crazy Russian Hacker, you'll see how simple it is to hold a shot glass on a single dollar bill placed between two glasses. At first, the average person will probably struggle with the challenge, but you'll be able to come in and show them how easy it is to do when you apply some basic physics know-how.

#3. Beer-Lifting Challenge

Beer isn't particularly heavy unless you're attempting to lift a keg, but in this trick, you'll see how difficult it can be to lift a single beer bottle by only pinching an edge as it stands upside down. With the right knowledge and technique, as shown by emcopowerball, you won't need to flex much muscle.

#4. Poor a Glass of Smoke

When it comes to e-cigs, like Colin Farrell said in True Detective, "Maybe it's just a little too close to sucking a robot's dick." Unfortunately, they're all we got, since actual cigarettes are banned in most public restaurant and bars. So while electronic cigarettes do make people look like nerds from the future, there is a cool bar trick (via AlexWildgoose) that you can utilize one in. Just make sure to grab a glass or two.

#5. Grab the Coins

For this trick, you'll struggle more with the initial setup rather than the trick itself. With two coins placed on opposite edges of a glass, the challenge is to use two fingers from one hand to grab both coins without them falling into the glass or on the table. It's easier than it sounds, thanks to this tutorial from Bars and Bartending, and your rival won't have any clue how to get this done.

Bonus Trick: The Human Torch

For a grand finale, take a look at the awesome trick in the video below. I won't say much about this one other than the crowd will most definitely douse you in free drinks afterward.

More Bar Fun!

For additional bar-related activities, check out some of the guides below to expand your repertoire.

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