How To: Open Bottles in Amazing Ways

Open Bottles in Amazing Ways

See how to open a bottle of champagne with a kitchen knife, a wine bottle with a ribbon, and a bottle of beer with a paper note! Watch the video below for the full instructions, or hit up the brief guide below.

Champagne Bottle

Open a bottle of champagne with a knife / sword.

Step 1: Hold It Right

Take a large kitchen knife, and hold the champagne bottle firmly around the body.

Step 2: Strike the Cork

Run the knife up the neck of the bottle to strike the lip. Use the blunt end.

Step 3: Pop!

Watch as the cork pops right off.

Wine Bottle with Ribbon

Push a cork into the bottle, and use a length of ribbon or string to pull the cork back out.

Beer Bottle with Money

Fold a £10 note, and use it to lever off the bottle cap.

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