How To: Play advanced Nim to get free drinks at the bar

Play advanced Nim to get free drinks at the bar

Brian Brushwood and Scam School give you another way to score free booze at the bar. Memorize a few configs and you'll hold the key to another unbeatable game and loads of free drinks!

A while back we taught you a game called "Nim" that was simultaneously totally fair, and completely unbeatable (check out episode 8 "Nim", if you missed it). As promised, we're back with an advanced version of the game that's even simpler for the sucker to play, seems more fair, but just as unbeatable.

THE RULES:Set up three piles of marker, with starting numbers of 3, 5, and 7. Players can take as many markers as they want from any one pile per turn. Whoever takes the last marker loses.

THE WORK:There are five "pole positions" that you can achieve, right off the bat. Once you've hit these pole positions, you simply cannot lose:

(Don't worry about the order of the piles, only the values)


* 123
* 246
* 111
* 145
* ....or two even piles.

If you go first, take only one marker. After their first turn, you'll be able to hit one of the winning configurations.

Remember that once you hit a winning config, you'll always be able to continue hitting them. The only time you should go off plan is if you're in striking distance of winning. Watch the episode for more details.

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