How To: Stick a beer bottle to a wall without glue or gum

Stick a beer bottle  to a wall without glue or gum

Check out this how-to video and see how you can park a beer bottle in the corner of a room. It looks as if the beer bottle is hanging on the wall. This is a very cool beer bottle trick, just be careful not to damage the paint. There's not gimmick to the trick in this instructional video, and you won't need any glue.

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Useless...well lots of videos in this site are useless and silly...nevermind

yeh i dont like this vid :(

lmao just for fun!

ok, this video is not useless. If you have lots of friends, invite them over to your house one at a time. Bet $20 you can do this trick. Offer him $10 back in exchange for not telling your other friends. Easy money.

Well! I like your trick..
"You tell others that you are mentally ill by leaving such comments. Appreciate others ideas if you cant prove it for your own."

Ad kick you up and down my house if you marked my walls like that.. HA!

I think he lodged it in the ridges of the rough paint on the wall.

"that'll just heat the pain up a little" SCRAPE, SCRAPE, SCRAPE!

(brown marks left on walls)

great! im going to go try that!!

thanks for a very informative video... my kids did enjoy it when i did the trick to them thanks again...

I learned the bottle trick, and tried the same concept with a pool stick hanging from ceiling, that was cool. Does not always work if you do not have a steady hand, and a fast twisting motion. Also I think both tricks might have something to do with cigarette smoke on walls and ceilings in bars. I'll try and make you a video. Cool!

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