How To: Send an object through a table

Send an object through a table

Whether you're at a bar or just with a group of friends, this is a great illusion that makes it look as though you are sending a large object right through a table!

Effect: After claiming he can send a coin through the table, the scamster instead slams his hand on a large salt-shaker, appearing to slam it down and *through* the table!

Method: This is one of the first scams you'll learn that absolutely requires good misdirection. (Don't sweat it though, it's easier than you think). Start by putting all the focus on the coin to be vanished. Make it clear that the COIN is the focus. Have it carefully examined and placed on the table. Next, grab a saltshaker and napkin: wrap the napkin around the saltshaker, completely covering it. You can tap the shaker on the coin, and the glass will make a "clinking" sound to show that the coin is still there. Pull back the saltshaker a couple of times (to show nothing has happened yet), and during one of these "pull-backs", allow the shaker to drop down into your lap.

Now comes the acting: The napkin will retain the shape of the shaker, but you'll go on acting as though you're holding the actual object. Hold the (imaginary) shaker right over the coin, then slam your hand down, crushing the napkin and apparently vanishing the shaker. Wait a good 3-4 seconds for the effect to register with your audience, then pull out the shaker from under the table (actually from in your lap).

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