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News: Tongue clap

Tongue what? There's tongue kiss, tongue tied, tongue twisters, but tongue clapping? What? Meet Sam Taylor. He and the great minds at VideoJug give us the 411 on the new way to impress the ladies.

News: Twirl this banana around your thumb

Visit Taiwan some day. Honest. Every school kid twirls and twirls during class. This cool video teaches you different ways to spin a pencil/pen on your fingers. By using your thumb, index finger, and middle finger, while observing the weight balance, you will learn to be cool...in that post-modern metro sexual blase blase...way.

News: Fake Superhero Strength with Scam School

Congratulations to Brian Brushwood and Scam School for winning the 2008 WonderHowTo Magic Award! We're huge fans of the Scam School and with the votes, clearly you are too. Scam School and the Superhero Trick are the brainchild of spiky-haired magician Brian Brushwood. Brian is the only WonderHowTo Award winner with a self-produced action figure!

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