News: CSI those finger prints with super glue

CSI those finger prints with super glue

WonderHowTo house favorite, Sam Nouyoun gives the lowdown on "fuming" super glue to develop latent fingerprints on smooth surfaces.

What? How?

The cyanoacrylate (the chemical in Superglue or Krazy glue) attaches to the water molecules in the steam. When it comes in contact with the raised oil, salt and water of fingerprints, it binds instantly.

So, Sherlock, gather your redneck forensics kit and start gathering evidence.

Take fingerprints with superglue

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probably a rock just to get it high enough


Good video. However, the fans are completely unnecessary for very tightly enclosed spaces like this one when performing cyanoacrylate "fuming." It may add a little more (and unseen) flair, but I can promise it won't cost as much by leaving out the mini-fans. I know: "But, how will the "fumes" move around in the box?" Again, it's a small space. The water vapors from the hot cup of water AND the heated cyanoacrylate glue will co-mingle just fine creating the identical results. :)

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