News: Empty a beer bottle in one second

Empty a beer bottle in one second

St Patrick's Day. It has been distilled to a day of green beer binges and shamrock confetti.

This video will assuredly not disappoint. Consider this the ultimate Irish pick up line.

Find a freckled girl and a Guinness Smithwick's. Everything else should fall into place.

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Empty a beer bottle in one second

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I actually created this one in my parents garage.

Then Bill Gates stole it.


of that system, i would rather not to drink that beer. carlsberg beer with saliva, anyone? tee-hee! lo'l.

waht if you missed

ha thats cool..

what a waste of perfectly good beer

well not that kind, that kind you can waste. :P

how can you drink it in a big fish bowl

yeah i really want spit in my beer.

your blowing ur spit in everyones beer.. sure, ppl are gonna laugh, but then once u bring out the cups they gonna walk away.. hope u can drink all that and still drive


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