News: Wow a crowd with superhero strength

Wow a crowd with superhero strength

With the recent release of both Watchmen and X-Men Origins, convincing a drunken buddy at the bar that you've got slightly super human lifting abilities isn't completely out of the question.

Brian Brushwood delights in exploiting the gullible bar flies with his magic show, Scam School.

Watch Brian convince a buddy that he's capable of lifting him to unnatural heights with his simple, and far from Arnold-sized straightened arms.

Lift a friend with the superhero strength Trick

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Had a blast trying this on my little sister, awesome prank.

great trick tx

This is really funny. Would be a blast to play on little kids.


bad ass!! would be cool to cool as hell to do that to my punk ass sister in law!!

you got me!



nice trick
definately gonna try this 1

easy trick, if you take the time to rub lines of acid down the center of a phone book weakening the paper ,im sure it would rip like tissue paper, don't tell anyone I told you, their is also an alloy "not not use as a actual utensil" that melts under the heat of hot water and looks like steal but is as soft as butter, this is how they trick you into thinking they can bend large metal blocks etc, "That's Right! No torches, flames or soldering irons, just a cup of hot water. An alloy called Field's Metal melts in water at a temperature of 144° Fahrenheit (62° Celcius). There are many fusible alloys that melt at low temperatures. One of the best known is called Wood's Metal. Try it yourself "

btw you can make a mold of the object you want with rubber then pour in the fields metal let it dry like a spoon or fork, the the heat from hands melts it easily even without needing to touch it ,timed acids can also be used without needing to touch alloys as well assuming it is an alloy

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