News: Make Liquid Smoke In a Glass (Best Bar Trick EVER)

Make Liquid Smoke In a Glass (Best Bar Trick EVER)

As filthy as this looks, I can't help but be utterly awed and amazed. Pull this bar trick at the club and you'll at least woo the Jersey Shore set.

You will need: an unfiltered hand-rolled cigarette and a cold glass.

From YouTuber noncents:

"Don't inhale the smoke just pull it into your cheeks and let it fall out your mouth along the inside of the tilted glass. Do not breath as you do this or it will blow it all away! Practice makes perfect … btw too much practice also causes oral cancer."

Duly noted.

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I wonder whether this works with cigars

Bar tricks with fire and smoke make u mad scrilla I I bet this would work really well with hookah, and you might not get as much cancer as with cigars.... plus we chicks hate that smell!

this is preaty good

I might try this with incense.

OH How I do this ,Its Working

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