How To: Win a heads or tails coin toss every time

Win a heads or tails coin toss every time

Become the master of Heads and Tails. With this secret technique you can predict and even produce any outcome you like. This is the secret that will let you win heads or tails any time.

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that's a good one

what happens if they call it in the air

What happens if they call it in the air?

traditionaly the opposite the flipper of the coin calls it

too bad i have a hard time catchin the coin

jersahdf niujfswhdifhaewiurhtgiuerhug i dont no ah cool!! senora

you sounda lika fatha guido sarduchi.

usually the person who flips it dosen't get the chance to call

good stuff

good stuff

Which is why you feel what it is and if it's going to be what they want, then you incorporate that little flip into to be the opposite of what the called... durrrrr

entertainig but not practical
the person that flips it dosnt get to call it and u usually call it before u flip it (atleast thats wat i do)

or you could put iceyhot on one side and when it burs your hand ad stinks then you know what side its on lol


lol this guy was so cool at the end when he used his fingers to sorta point at the website. Its like, "Easy bar tricks, dot com." lol

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