How To: Read minds with Mental Mastery

Read minds with Mental Mastery

Learn how to read the secret thoughts of three friends! This video is a great trick to perform at a bar or while sitting around with fiends. They'll be amazed when they think you are capable of reading their minds!

Effect: straight from the forums comes our most epic mind-reading effect yet...Three volunteers are each asked a fair, random question as the scammer jots down his guesses and hides them in a glass.

After everyone has "locked in" their answers, the scammer shows that he's three for three in his guesses.

As we already learned from Daniel, there are three ways to escape from handcuffs:

Method: this effect relies on con man working out of order. After asking the first question, he writes the answer to the third question he plans to ask (in our case, we used a card force to know the third answer in advance, but a guess at a yes/no question will work just as well).

Next, to "lock in their choice," the con man will jot down the answer to question number one on a separate sheet of paper.

Likewise, he'll continue to write down the answer to each previous question until he finally finishes with the one pre-arranged question.

For the reveal, pour out the jumbled guesses and hand each one to it's correct match.

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