How To: Pick up a glass or beer bottle with only a straw

Pick up a glass or beer bottle with only a straw

In this video, bet your friends that they can not lift an entire glass using only a plastic straw. They will most likely struggle, push the glass around a bit and try to balance it all, to no avail. Then, you come along and save the day with this trick!

The Set Up:
Place a large drinking straw and an empty glass on a bar or table. Ask someone to pick up the glass using only a straw.

The Rules:
The straw will be in the glass and only one hand can be used during the lift. Grasping of the glass with the straw in between your fingers is against the rules.

The Solution:
Bend the straw in half just about the same length as the opening of the mouth of the glass (or bottle). Now, stick the folded end into the glass and try to catch the lip of the glass with the end of the straw - then lift!

You can perform this trick with any glass including wine or any beer bottle.

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