How To: Perform a trick with a nickel, cup, and match

Perform a trick with a nickel, cup, and match

Do you remember "The Heist" from episode 21? Well, the sequel is even more unfair than the original! Check out this video if you want to stump people with a trick called "The Heist II." For this trick, you need only a few simple supplies: a match, a cup, and a nickel.

From Revision3:
The setup: balance a nickel (the prize) on it's side on the table. Balance a wooden matchstick on top of the nickel. Finally, cover the whole arrangement with a plastic cup or pint glass (whichever you discover works best for you).

The challenge:
The match is your security alarm, and as long as the match is balanced on the nickel, anything touching, shaking, or moving the cup will activate the alarm. Your job: disable the alarm system WITHOUT setting off the alarm!

The method: this one sounds impossible (and it almost is)... No amount of blowing, shaking, tapping or physical manipulation will get the match off without setting off the alarm... However, if you use static electricity to charge a straw (as we did in the "science friction" episode), you can use the attraction to pull the match off the nickel without setting off the alarm!

NOTE: every area has different attributes for static electricity. Factors including humidity and the materials you use will greatly influence how well this trick works for you... So make sure to practice with the exact materials you plan to use in your performance!

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