How To: Perform an amazing magic toothpick trick

Perform an amazing magic toothpick trick

Looking for a sure fire way to win a bar bet? Check out this tutorial. This super easy magic trick will amaze even the most skeptical of audiences and guarantee you free drinks all night!

For this cool trick, bet someone that you can transform 5 bent toothpicks into a five point star without ever touching them.

You Will Need:
*5 wooden toothpicks
*a smooth surface
*a straw or pen

Step 1:
Bend each toothpick in half without breaking it.
Step 2:
Arrange toothpicks in a circle as shown in the video.
Step 3:
Propose the bet.
Step 4:
Add a few drops of water to the center point of the star using the straw, pencil or a fingertip.
Step 5:
Amaze everyone as the toothpicks magically morph!

The secret behind this trick is that the porous wood of the toothpicks absorbs the water causeing them to naturally revert to their original state. Amazing!

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