How To: Open any beer bottle with a piece of normal paper

Open any beer bottle with a piece of normal paper

This is an awesome trick that will impress any bar patron you run into.

Follow along with this tutorial and learn how to use an ordinary piece of paper as a bottle opener! That's right!

This trick takes a little practice and works better when you already know how to open a bottle with another object, such as a lighter. You will be using leverage instead of strength and once you master that you can open a bottle with nearly anything!

Step 1:
Position the paper normally and fold it in half, bringing top to bottom.
Step 2:
Rotate paper 90 degrees.
Step 3:
Fold in half again and repeat until you can't fold anymore.
Step 4:
Fold in half lengthwise and get a firm grip on the ends.
Step 5:
Hold the neck of the bottle with your free hand.
Step 6:
Apply pressure as shown, making sure your index finger is not in the path of the cap's sharp edge, just in case.
Step 7:
Keep applying pressure, and pop!

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