How To: Make a Metronome-Style Rocking Candle Apparatus

Make a Metronome-Style Rocking Candle Apparatus

Back in the day, musicians used candles as metronomes to keep time. Now, you can too, cause in the music industry, it's better to burn out than to fade away.

Obviously, this may not be the best metronome around, but DIY is how to do it if you can't afford a good one. Even if you're not in a band, you can still make this rocking candle apparatus to show to your friends.

Plus, it's way cooler to have one of these burning when the power goes out, instead of flashlights.

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and if i need to speed up the tempo??? what sort of metronome is this?? :(


a terrible metronome, but an interesting little trick.

you could use it to play doom metal

lmao ^ this guy is the man

i guess it would speed up as it burns.

True.. but then its not a metronome.

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