How To: Make five dollars doing a trick

Make five dollars doing a trick

Kipkay demonstrates how you can make five dollars by doing a bar trick and you bet your friend that you can lift a half full shot glass up with the palm of your hand. You have to use 100 percent liquor and when the flame goes out the glass will stick to your hand.

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Dear Viewers, This video was intreging to watch as I am not sure how this was figured out by someone. Either way, it was a good HowTo however, I do not know how the intructor thought you would get exactly 5 dollars, it could be anything really. More or less money or a free drink. Plus, I doubt the rules of the game do not allow lighting a match and using science, it's just a bet and that would make it stupid. As a final critique, If the rules were only use your palm, that's just using your hand and you could basically cheat by cupping your hands (going against the rules) and saying you didn't or having sticky hands at the time, it's not all that heavy.
Alex1inferno- The Critic

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