How To: Do a dental floss magic trick

Do a dental floss magic trick

This trick will show how to magically diffuse two pieces of dental floss together. The magic trick works like this: Take two pieces of dental floss. Put the ends in your mouth. When you take them out the two pieces have magically become one.

The secret to the magic trick is to take two pieces of dental floss. One piece should be 24" long and the other should be 3" long. Fold the long piece of floss in half. Thread the 3" piece of floss around the center of the longer piece of floss, forming a u-shape. Use your fingers to cover up where the two pieces of floss are intertwined. By doing this it makes it look like you have two pieces of floss. Beginning with the floss ends in your right hand, place the floss ends in your mouth. Once you have 2 inches of floss in there use your tongue to hold the 3" piece in place. Then, pull out only the single piece of floss.

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