How To: Break a beer bottle with your hands

Break a beer bottle with your hands

Need a new way to impress your friends? Well, when you're out partying, show them how to break a beer bottle with you bare hands. This bar trick is sure to amaze anyone, and it relies simply on air pressure. Just keep in mind that this could be dangerous... glass will fly.

Take the empty beer bottle, fill the bottle up with cold water, until there is an inch left at the top of the neck. Hold the bottle by the neck and smack the rim of the bottle as hard as you can with your palm, and that's it!

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so good

Letting the neck protrude out the top of your fist like that can make this trick a lot more painful than it needs to be-especially if someone wants to see it again. To save yourself some pain, move your fist up higher on the bottle so that the rim can barely be seen. This lets the flesh of your non-striking hand take a little of the impact, and hurts a lot less. Of course, if you've already had 8 or ten beers, don't worry about it. It won't hurt anyway.

awesome.does it work with bigger bottles like vodka?

i did it already

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